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Hosting conferences at the Darwin Convention Centre provides opportunities to invite locally based industry experts as guest speakers and to organise field visits to educational research centres, industry sites or remote communities.

These truly once-in-a–lifetime experiences in the Top End add an element of difference to a conference program and can provide memories that delegates will treasure and talk about for years to come.

Darwin and the Top End offer world-leading expertise in the specialist fields of:


Darwin is the supply, service and distribution hub for major projects in northern Australia, the Timor Sea and South-East Asia. The development of the Australasia Trade Route, which fully integrates railway, port and road networks, has boosted Darwin's strategic position as Australia's gateway to Asia.

As one of the world's emerging leaders in mining, the Northern Territory has become the destination of choice for industry events. Darwin Convention Centre, the region's premier event venue, hosts many large-scale mining conferences regularly. It is the meeting hub for tackling challenging issues such as sustainable development, process improvements, ecological risks, security and safety. 

Oil and gas

Boasting rich resources, central location to Asian markets and global scale projects, the Northern Territory is primed to become an energy centre of global significance.

Darwin is a world-class maintenance and operations hub for the Asia-Pacific oil and gas industry. Major projects such as the ConocoPhillips Darwin LNG, ENI Blacktip Gas, BOC Helium and INPEX LNG reflect the industry's confidence in the region's capabilities.

Renewable Energy

The Territory's ideal climatic conditions and vast resources combined with the challenges of remote distances have provided a breeding ground for renewable energy technologies.

The Centre for Renewable Energy, a partnership between Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Government, reflects the strong commitment to drive innovation in the field. Research capabilities include amorphous silicon solar cells design, fluid mechanics and turbines, biomass production, hydraulic and hydrodynamic modelling and rural development.

Sustainable living is a cornerstone of the Territory's strategic plan for its future. By 2020, the Northern Territory will have replaced diesel as the primary source of power generation in remote towns and communities, using renewable and low-emission energy sources instead.

Indigenous Health

The Territory is home to the largest number of Indigenous Australians per capita, who comprise approximately 30% of the NT population. They are the most disadvantaged group in the country and have the greatest health and welfare needs of any group of Territorians.

Darwin is leading the development of innovative research, programs and policies aimed at reducing the health disadvantages experienced by Indigenous people.

Research is supported by world class institutions such as the Menzies School of Health and the Lowitja Institute.

Tropical Knowledge

Due to its location in the Australian tropics, Darwin has developed unique capabilities in areas of tropical expertise. It is the hub of key research into tropical health, food production, climate change, tropical savannas, tropical wetlands, exotic pests, tropical flora and fauna, wildlife management and tropical marine environments.

Research activities in tropical knowledge are supported by world-class research institutions including Charles Darwin University and the School for Environmental Research, the Menzies School of Health Research, Arafura-Timor Research Facility, the Cooperative Research Centres for Tropical Savannas and Aboriginal and Tropical Health, Environmental Research Institute and the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRACK) research hub.

A key initiative to harness tropical expertise is the Cooperative Framework on Tropical Science, Knowledge and Innovation, a 10 year agreement between the Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia governments to harness and promote Australia's existing and emerging strengths in the tropical sciences.


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