Building Fabrics and Materials

Careful considerations of sustainability issues were adhered to in the selection of all internal materials such as floor and wall coverings, furniture, fixtures and fittings.

The selection criteria incorporated:

  • PVC minimisation and use of PVC alternatives in conduits and piping
  • Use of low volatile organic compounds [VOC] paints, adhesives and glues
  • Plantation timbers
  • Embodying energy efficient star rating appliances
  • Provision for recycling material including glass and paper

The selection of construction materials was based on sustainability criteria which included the following considerations:

  • Recyclability
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Low embodied energy
  • Low pollution from manufacturing
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Durability and minimal maintenance
  • Non-hazardous, eco-labelling and certification


A Building Management System was installed to monitor and control power usage along with preventative maintenance programs. This system includes an integrated digital based lighting system for automated lighting, stepped dimming control and energy efficient timers.


The Centre’s cooking equipment burners are designed to maximise energy utilisation versus kilowatt input. All heat sources are surrounded by baffles which direct the energy to the cooking appliances.

Cyclonic filters have been installed as they require smaller fans and ducts, reducing their energy consumption and lowering noise generation. Clean air is vented after being processed through these filters and an ultraviolet light system.


Over 70% of the Centre’s drainage pipework is constructed from recyclable material in place of PVC. These recyclable materials are significantly stronger, resulting in lower risk of breakages and reduced risk of soil contamination.


We’re committed to recycling all our waste at the Darwin Convention Centre. Significant waste storage facilities have been installed with the ability to separate all recyclable material. We have contractors in place to regularly service these recycling initiatives.


A Siphonic Roof Drainage System has been designed with HDPE pipe work and fittings. This results in 50% of the roof drainage discharging directly to the lagoon to assist with the flushing process.


The Darwin Convention Centre follows environmentally responsible practices not only to operate as a sustainable business, but also to provide a higher quality of food for all events.

Using locally grown produce means ingredients travel a shorter distance from farm to plate, ensuring our guests enjoy fresher, more flavoursome food.

Only the freshest Northern Territory seafood makes it to the Centre’s kitchen, so it’s not unusual for dinner guests to dine on fresh, line-caught fish from that morning’s catch.