Bag of Knowledge by Gary Lang

The Darwin Convention Centre has partnered with local Larrakia man, Gary Lang to develop a piece of artwork called the ‘Bag of Knowledge’.

The ‘Bag of Knowledge’ represents the way knowledge, culture and history are gathered, nurtured and shared. ‘Bag of Knowledge’ depicts a dilly bag, a traditional Australian Aboriginal bag, generally woven from the fibres of a Pandanus plant and other items.

Dilly bags have many practical purposes, however the ‘Bag of Knowledge’ represents how knowledge, culture and history is gathered, nurtured and shared.

The bag is created over a period of time, adding new pieces and layers to grow the bag and fill in the missing pieces, similar to how we gather knowledge.

Once the bag is completed, it is used by Elders to collect and carry food or tools, to bring to the group to share and then pass down through the generations.

As the artist describes the meaning of his piece, ‘knowledge’ is so important, it takes on a physical quality. Used as a material to create the bag and then, once the bag is completed, this same knowledge is gathered and stored in the bag, to be shared with others.

“It is how I see it in my heart and my soul”.

The Darwin Convention Centre, located on Larrakia land, is a place where people from all over the world can come to with their own knowledge and share it amongst their own community.


Gary Lang – Larrakia man, accomplished artist, choreographer, dancer and artistic director. Passionate ambassador for his culture through his practice and artistic expression.